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Annie Tanasugarn

Annie Tanasugarn is the Owner and CEO of which is quickly evolving into one of the fastest-growing Autism parent support communities on the internet. Annie is also a highly respected author whose published work can be read in Autism Parenting Magazine. She started her career nearly two decades ago as a liaison to teenagers with severe behavior disorders. Soon afterward, she obtained an internship working with children and families with Autism and behavior challenges, which sparked her passion in working with this population. Annie Tanasugarn is a master of multitasking, and completed her Masters of Science degree (MS) through the prestigious Walden University, and her post-Masters credentialing program in Applied Behavior Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology while working and raising her children. She passed her certification exam soon after completing the coursework requirements; a feat that was incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. Annie prides herself as being a lifetime student of the sciences and has an impressive overall G.P.A. of 3.97 which she has maintained while completing the final stages of her Doctorate degree in psychology. Her doctoral dissertation addresses the reality of burnout in educators as a function of limited support from administration. She is a lifetime member of Golden Key International Honor Society and Psi Chi Honor Society and served as interim Vice president while completing her degree. Annie is an active member of the NAPW and ABA International (ABAI). She and her business partner founded The Autism Analyst blog, which serves as an online caregiver resource support network specializing in Autism and behavior challenges. Her online blogs offer parents and caregivers support, ingenious ideas and, most importantly, hope. She blends the science of Behavior Analysis with her quirky, honest and collaborative approach to reaching parents through her blogs and social media presence. Annie’s next ventures include authoring a powerful book on Autism which should be available next year and joining Autism podcasts as an active voice for parents. Annie prides herself as a survivor and has overcome much adversity in her life. She has opted for the “Road Less Traveled” in her business model and in her approach in consulting with families. Annie has coined an honest and collaborative approach in working with families that is results-oriented and effective. She has often been quoted as saying,

“I believe the client should be the focus of a business. They are the priority. Getting a client to meet – and exceed – their goals is empowering for both the client and the clinician. Clients don’t want to hear about contract obligations, hour reductions, insurance issues or staffing changes. If your company is focusing on bottom-lines instead of the client, the clients will know. And it speaks volumes about your company’s agenda and the level of service the clients receive.” ~Annie Tanasugarn

In her free time, Annie is an avid and free-spirited traveler who often speaks of her road-tripping adventures in her quest for the perfect latte. She is a proud mother of two children and enjoys testing her cooking and baking skills in the kitchen. She loves Bikram yoga, hiking, camping, and making memories with her family.

CEO - Annie Tanasugarn
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