HBOT Therapy and Autism: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

My first introduction to hyperbaric chambers came years ago when working with a client during HBOT treatment. I even got to sit in the chamber, and it was very cool experiencing HBOT therapy used for children with ASD. What is a Hyperbaric Chamber? Hyperbaric chambers are pressurized small compartments for individual use, or pressurized large […]

Why Saying “No” Doesn’t Work

A parent recently wrote in saying, “Whenever I say “No” or “Stop” and try to redirect my child, he falls to the floor in a tantrum. What can I do to stop this?” That is a great question! And one that we have heard dozens of times over the years. Words like “no”, “don’t”, and “stop” […]


9 Early Warning Signs of Autism: What Every Parent Should Know

We parents want the best for our little ones, and that includes tracking developmental milestones. Since most kids develop at their own pace, this can pose questions for parents who may feel that their child is not developing appropriately. As parents, we have become more aware of Autism through news, social media, and our child’s […]

To the Mom at Costco: You’re My Hero

I had just pulled out my Costco membership card and was waived into the store with a drone of other people. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself thinking we all looked like a bunch of sheep being rounded up by the herder as we swarmed through the front door, narrowed into a single line […]

Navigating the Dating Scene with Autism

Dating on the Spectrum So today I found the most beautiful video that went viral online about a teenage boy asking a teen girl to the prom and I thought this blog would be the perfect complement to it. The video had a few similarities to one of my favorite 80’s films, “Say Anything” where […]

The GFCF Diet: Is It Worth It?

Should I go GFCF for My Child? I can recall 10 years ago that the words “Gluten-free” were barely recognized within health food stores, let alone the field of Autism. Today, GFCF has become a buzzword of sorts; a trend that many health food stores and specialty stores are cashing in on. But, should I […]

Got Sleep?

Melatonin: To Sleep or Not to Sleep Any parent who has a kiddo with Autism is probably aware of the sleep disorders that often walk hand-in-hand with ASD. Some kids refuse to fall asleep (no matter how tired their little bodies are). Other kids fall asleep, but wake up several times throughout the night. Still […]

The Community Outing: Parent Empowerment 101

The thought of a community outing can bring about significant anxiety for both mom and child. Pulling off such a huge feat must require an entire behavior support team (clinical director, behavior analyst, therapist, interventionist, supervisor and case coordinator) along with several seasoned special education teachers and a few logistical strategists just for good measure, […]

6 Easy Tips for Better Eye Contact

Hey everyone! We are expanding here at The Autism Analyst! Check out our blog tab on our website and click on “Request a Blog” to send us your blog requests. All published ideas will include a shout-out and a sincere thank you for your idea. This blog idea about eye contact tips for Autism comes […]