6 Easy Tips for Better Eye Contact

Hey everyone! We are expanding here at The Autism Analyst! Check out our blog tab on our website and click on “Request a Blog” to send us your blog requests. All published ideas will include a shout-out and a sincere thank you for your idea. This blog idea about eye contact tips for Autism comes […]

7 Tips to Prepare for Puberty

Autism and the “P” Word Let’s face it: puberty is rough! It can be more challenging for adolescents with Autism or other special needs. Puberty is often filled with a lot of mixed feelings for families. It’s a time to share the joys that a child is developing into an adult, but also a time […]

Rapid Prompting Method (RPM): Autism’s Newest Trend or Bogus at Best?

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week! I would like to begin this blog with a little background for you. As most of you should know, I have been in the field of ASD and behavior management for 14+ years and have worked with a wide array of children, teens and young […]

Start Your Day with a Cup of Positivity…

Howdy everyone! Thanks for another amazing week of checking out our blog, emailing us your questions and signing up for the latest on Autism intervention and family support! It truly does take a village to raise a child, and we’re very happy to be here answering your questions, providing informative blogs and meeting with our […]

Autism and vaccines: The Controversy

The Autism controversy surrounding vaccinations and an increased risk of Autism is not new. For nearly 2 decades, the controversy has been very much in the public eye, resulting in often misinformation and confusion for parents and families. Let’s face it: Our children are the future! They are the amazingly positive hope that we have […]

The Art of Communication in Autism

Hey everybody! T.G.I.F! We hope you’ve all had an Au-somely productive week! Piggy- backing on our latest blog we did about the differences between ‘developmentally-appropriate’ and ‘age-appropriate’, I decided that it would be pretty cool to help parents sort out the often frustrating verbiage associated with speech and Autism. You can check our latest blog […]

You asked for it…and we heard you!!

Hello everyone! Hello everyone! Wow, can you believe we are already near mid-January? Where the heck has this New Year gone already? Well, now that we’ve all had a couple weeks to acclimate to 2017, The Autism Analyst is getting ready to kick-start some AU-SOME new blogs and parent support ideas. Who’s with me?! We […]